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R.J.’s Casting, Inc. is a full service casting company providing services for the Film and Television industry.

R.J.’s Casting Inc.

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No project too big or small~ 

R.J. has been in the film business for over twenty years and strives to find and bring out the best in SAG and non- union talent, extras, and real people. His background and experience in assistant directing, art, and production departments have provided the expertise to overcome any difficult project. And be very production friendly.

Partial Credits Include:
Villains SAG National Buick La Crosse (Tiger Woods)
Pytka SAG National Nike (Tiger Woods)
Plum Productions SAG National Walt Disney World
MJZ SAG Nationals 2+ Sea World (Touch a World)
Boxer Films SAG National James Hardy Siding
MJZ SAG National Adams Golf
DDB Needham SAG National Sea World (Kraken)
CDM SAG National Viagra (Mark Martin)
Tool SAG National Mysap.com (Gary Player)
The End SAG National Cooper Tires (Arnold Palmer)
Coppos Films SAG National AT&T 10-10-345
The Artists Company SAG National American Express
Moxie Pictures SAG National Walt Disney World
Green Dot Films SAG National 4+ Walt Disney World
Green Dot Films SAG National McDonald’s
DC-3 Films SAG National Franks Nursery
One Such Films SAG National American Tourister
Access Films SAG National Holiday Inn
Access Films SAG National Saturn Cars
DDB Needham SAG National Wheaties
DDB Needham SAG National McDonald’s
Rice & Beans SAG National “Fit” Fruit Wash
Bedford Falls SAG National Cargill
AD Team SAG National Braman Honda
Stony Creek SAG National Hess Trucks
Space Program SAG Regional Publics x2
Trendmasters National C-Video Camera
Go Go Go Films National Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets
Paradox Films National Aventis Bio Services
Regent Films National Slip-n-slide
Atlas Films National Dollar Rent A Car
Damon Productions National National Trucks
O2 Pictures National/Regionals 10+ Walt Disney World
Alpha Wolf Ent. National/Regionals 34+ Walt Disney World & others
Burdines Regional Spring Fashion
A. Eicoff & Co. Regional Sears Pest Control
Go Films Regional Valtrex (Nothing in My Way)
Highway Sixty One Regional K-Mart
Front Row Prod. Regional York Air
MJZ Regional TD Water House (Grant Hill)
Alpha Wolf Ent. Regional Orlando Science Center
Alpha Wolf Ent. Regional Bush Gardens
AFI Film Works Regional St. Joseph’s Hospital
Bone Fish Films Regional Florida Lotto
FM Rocks Music Video Dave Matthews (The Space Between)
Digital Factory Video Release Lock Stroke Golf & Oxy Flow

Partial List of Casting Credits- PRINT
Rubber Maid / Walt Disney World / Sea World / Bush Gardens / Fuji Film / Honda / Buick / Winston Cigarettes / American Plastics